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Wahren Massey 1837-1900

Little is known of Wahren or where he came from. There is also some debate as to how many children he had, how many wives he had, and even on the spelling of his name. Although there are conflicting theories from a few of the family branch, Leveritt was told that his Grandfather Wahren lived near the Caney Creek, east of the current Massey Farm and that Wahren died from eating "green peaches."

It is believed that Wahren's first/second wife was Elizabeth O'Share, that she was part Cherokee, and that she died in Carolina from pneumonia. (Not sure why a Cherokee would have been in the Carolina area).

Wahren's last wife was Salie Osburn and she had three daughters from her marriage to Mr. Culhbertson; he died of pneumonia. Salie died near a river in the area of Waco, Texas and was buried next to a tree by or near the river.

Was said to have never shaved his beard by Coon Massey's wife Annie Mae. Per Maggie Massey Yocham (15Apr2000 interview), it is believed that Wahren had seven brothers and that they left Europe due to the Potato famine.

Since his son Edward Larls Massey was born in Collin County as the family entered Texas, we assume that they traveled south on the Shawnee and Preston Trails. These trails come through east Oklahoma from Illinois and Missouri, down through the present day Texas cities of Dallas, and Waco. With Wahren settling in Grangerland, he may have traveled toward Houston from Waco, crossing back over the Brazos river. Leveritt Massey's bible (25Dec1974) states "Edward was born near Ray's Mills, 12 miles west of McKinney, county seat of Collin County. Susie was born in Sherman." We believe that he was referring to Rhea Mills, Texas.
Family legend has it that Wahren's wife Salie Oakley died while they were near a river in the Waco area. The actual site has been lost over time but she was buried by a tree at the river and it is most likely to have been the Brazos river. If it was the Brazos, we still don't even know the general area since they would have crossed north of Waco and then again east of Waco on the way to Montgomery County.
Wahren's body is buried at the Dry Creek Cemetery north of Grangerland, Texas in Montgomery County.

“Warren Massey was born on 26 Dec 1835 in Greenville County, SC and he married Elizabeth Molly O'Shields - b 22 Sep 1844 in Pickens County, SC. "I show that she died in 1926. I do not have any other information on them. I do have their children if you need them. Warren and Elizabeth are my gggrandparents." "I am not even sure if Elizabeth's name is correct - I have not been able to find any information on her at all,” wrote Bonnie Baker.

“Warren Massey is on the 1870 Census, Pickens Co., SC. and is listed as being 35 years old. His wife, Elizabeth (M.V. O'Shields), is listed at 26 and his children, James S. (8), Mary (3), Martha (3), and John (4/12) were also listed. Warren is on the 1880 Census Hall Co., Georgia and "Elizabeth Georginia Massey" was John Terrell's Grandmother and Warren was his G Grandfather. John Terrell also noted that Warrens 1st wife was "Elizabeth Mary Victoria O'Shields" while his 2nd wife was a Miss Culbertson.. Warren "moved from SC to GA, then Louisiana (Leesville Area) then to Texas,” John Terrell.

There is much debate over the list of children, so we will cover that in future blog postings.

• Family tree information collected by Raymond Leveritt Massey.
• 15Apr2000 interview with Maggie Massey Yocham
• 21Apr2000 interview with Annie Mae Collier Massey, wife of "Coon" Massey
• Joanna Wiggins has the Massey Family Bible

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