Friday, January 30, 2009

Susie Beatrice Massey 1893-1976

Oranges in November - Miss S. B. Massey is show above picking ripe satsuma oranges from a tree in the backyard of her brother, Edward L. Massey, at 4075 Congress. The oranges in her left hand measure 11 1/2 inches in circumference. Miss Massey estimated that the two trees in her brother's yard will total a yield of three or four bushels. The trees are about 10 years old, she reported.


Susie Beatrice Massey

Known as "Aunt Susie," she never married and had no children of her own. She was born on 23Feb1893 in Sherman, Texas and was the daughter of Wahren Massey and his wife Sallie Oakley Culhbertson Massey. She died on 27Oct1976 and her body was buried at the Dry Creek Cemetery in Montgomery County, Texas. SSN 455-14-0807

She lived with Minnie Massey for several years.

• Susie's nephew, Leveritt Massey
• Susie's headstone at the Dry Creek Cemetery

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