Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thomas Massey - 1680s

The Massey family of North Carolina is descended from Thomas Massey who immigrated from Cheshire, England to Philadelphia, PA in 1683 on the Endeavor sloop.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kevin Lynn Massey - Age 47

Per, the Texas Department of Public Safety announces with sorrow the death of Kevin Lynn Massey, 47 years of age and an agent in the criminal investigations division, Abilene, Texas. Kevin passed away Wednesday, August 04, 2010.

Kevin was born in Boise, Idaho. His father served as senior master sergeant in the United States Air Force. They moved to Delaware and then to Del Rio, Texas, where kevin went to elementary school. The family moved to Abilene in 1973 and Kevin started school at Wylie. He graduated from Wylie high school in 1981.

Kevin leaves behind his very loving wife, Connie and three children, Cody, age 20, Kortney, age 16 and Katie, age 14. Kevin has a brother, Don Massey and brother-in-law, Mark Mcniel, both of whom work with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Funeral services were on Saturday 08-07-10, at 2:00 p.m. at the Wylie Baptist Church on Buffalo Gap Road.

Our family connection is UNKNOWN.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

William De La Ferte De Mace

William the Conqueror was the first of the Norman kings of England 1066-1087), but he was born in Falaise, Normand and was the son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy. Per, "the Normans were the people who gave their name to Normandy, a region in northern France. They descended from Viking conquerors of the territory and the native population of mostly Frankish and Gallo-Roman stock."


William De La Ferte De Mace (Massey) served under William the Conquer in the Battle of Hastings and may have been his half-brother (no proof). I have been told (genealogy rumor) that he is our ancestor, so we could be English/French/Viking. On a side note, La Ferté-Macé is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France.