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Pickens District - CSA

These details are transcribed from the
Old Pendleton District Newsletter
Volume 19, No. 2, February 2005
Pages 16 -18

Benjamin G. Massey was born about 1844, a son of Thomas Massey (b. ca 1825) and Susan Massey (b. ca 1825). He served as a private in Co. C, 4th S. C. Infantry (Sloan's Regt.), and survived the U.S. Civil War.

Ezekiel Massey was born about 1840 in Greenville District, S. C. He was a son of James Massey, Sr. (1807-1880) and Sarah Hamby Massey (1800-1883). Ezekiel Massey served as a private in Co. G (Bonham's Rifles), 12th S. C. Infantry. This soldier was a brother of Stephen Massey, James Massey, Samuel Vardry Massey, and John Massey, all of whom also served in the Confederate States Army. Ezekiel Massey enlisted in the C.S.A. in 1862, and on August 13, 1862, he was detailed as a teamster by the Medical Examining Board. He remained in that position until December 31, 1864. He married Margaret Carolyn Maldin (Mauldin?), and the couple had at least three children. After the war, this Civil War veteran and his family moved to the Fork section of Hall County, Georgia.

James Massey, Jr. (1838-1928) and his father, James Massey, Sr., both served in the C.S.A., and they were members of Co. E, 1st S. C. Rifles (Orr's Reg.). They were residents of the western division of Pickens District. S. C. (now Oconee County). The younger Massey married Mary Fricks. After the war, this Civil War veteran moved to Georgia. In August 1916, he attended the *4th reunion of Orr's Reqiment at Seneca, S. C., and was then a resident of Tocoa,
Georgia. He died in 1928 and was buried at Tugaloo Baptist Church in Stephens Coung', Georgia.

James Massey, Sr. (1807 1880) enlisted with his son, James N,lassey', Jr., in Co. E, 1st S. C. rifles (Orr's Regr). He was fifty-five years of age at the time of enlistrnent and was discharged from t}te C. S. A. during the Civil War. Several of his sons also served in the C. S. A. James Massey, Sr. married Sarah Hamby (1800 1883),
and the couple had the fbilowing children: Hannah (b. ca 1824), who married J. Newt Hyde; Stephen (b. 1830); .James, Jr. (183I-1928), who married Mary Fricks; ]ohn William (b. ca 1832), who married Mahalda Duncan; David Massey (b. ca 1837); Warren Massey (b. ca 1838); Ezekiel Massey (b. ca 1840); Robert Massey; and Samuel Vardry Massey (30 Jun 1844 - Jul 1894). who married Jane (Duncan) Todd, widow of William Carlyle Todd, who died during the Civil War.

John Massey (1828 - d. ca 1864) died during the Civil War. He enlisted as a private January 13, 1862, and served in Co. H, 2nd S. C. Rifles (Moore's Regt.). He was a son of James Massey, Sr. (see above) who also served in the C. S. A. This soldier's wife was Mahulda Caroline (Duncan) Massey. John Massey was admitted to Episcopal Church Hospltal in Williamsburg, Virginia, with "contusion of cheek" September 8, 1863, and furloughed on the following September 22nd. He returned to Pickens District, S. C., and died there sometime before February 8, 1864, when his last pay ciaim was filed by his widow. John Massey was survlved by his widow and two children, James M. Massey (b. July 1857) and John William Massey (b. 5 Oct 1865). His widow moved to Franklin County, Georgia, after the Civil War.

Samuel Vardry M. Massey (1844-1894) was born June 30, 1844, a son of James Massey, Sr. (see above). He served in Co. l, 2nd S.C. Infantry and was paroled at Greensboro, N.C. on May 2, 1865. He married Jane (Duncan) Todd (17 Feb 1841-4 Mar 1906), widow of William Carlyle Todd who died during the Civil War. The wedding ceremony took place near Walhalia, S. C., October 25. 1866. The bride was a daughter of David Duncan (1809-1887) and Nancy (Trotter) Duncan (b. ca 1813 This Confederate soldier and his wif'e had eight children, including a son from the wife's first marriage. Samuel Vardry M. Massey died in 1894 and was buried at Bethel Presbyterian Church in northern Oconee County, S.C.

Silas N. Massey was born about 1827 and he served in Co. K, 1st S. C. Rifles (Orr's Regt.). In 1901 he resided in Central township of Pickens County, S.C. and was a recipient of a _________ pension. His age was recorded in _______ records as seventy-four years at that time.

Stephen Massey (b. ca 1834-d. 1864) was killed May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania, Virginia during the Civil War. He enlistcd in Co. I, 1st S.C. Rifles (Orr's Regt.) on March 19, 1864. He was a son of James Massey, Sr. (see above). Stephen Massey's last pay claim was filed by Sarah (Mauldin) Massey, his widow on August 16, 1864. Five of his brothers also serve in the Confederate States Army.

Warren Massey (b. ca 1832) served as a private in Co. E, 1st S.C. Rifles (Orr's Regt.). He resided in the western division of Pickens District S.C. (now Oconee County). He married Elizabeth Pilgrim (b. 1824 in Alabama), and the couple had the following offspring: Sarah A. (b. ca 1859), James S. (b. ca 1862), Mary and Martha (twins) (b. 1867), John S. (b. ca 1862) George W. S. (b. ca 1872), and William H. (b. ca 1877). Sometime between 1870 and 1880, this Confederate soldier moved to Hall County, Georga. He was a son of James Massey, Sr. (see above).

< Difficult to read from this point down. >

Major H. Massey was a son of Silas Massey (1776- 1876) and Nancy (Burris) Massey (1784-_____), and a brother of Thomas Massey who also served in the Confederate States Army. D.
Major H. Massey was a member of Co. C, 4th S. cavalry. In 1864 he was transferred to Fort _______r in Charleston harbor. This soldier Annie Luciada Hunt (b. 13 Nov 1844). Daughter of Jeremiah Jackson Hunt and Fran_______. < Can't be read. >
The couple never had children.

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  1. My great grandmother was Ida Mae Nazerth Massey. She was the daughter of a man named James Massey but I can't ascertain his middle initial or name and so can't continue my family tree. His name may have been James I. Massey and the son and grandson of James, Sr and James, Jr who fought in the Civil War with Orr's Rifles. Can you help me connect the dots? Thank you.