Sunday, February 1, 2009

Leveritt Massey - Advice

This is transcribed from a 1989 birthday card given by Leveritt Massey to his grandson, Larls.

In spite of all the high tech, I trust that you’ll have no trouble finding your niche. Possibly in the high tech. There will always have to be those that mow the grass, drive the nails, and do the little mundane task. Satisfaction in a job well done is most rewarding. Be a man of your word. It seems every one from the President on down likes to cover his tracks with half truths (a lie). If you say I will be there @ eight o’clock, you did not tell the truth if you ger there at 8:05.
To be your best will take effort, and only you can make the effort. Advise is really worthless. Observation of a truth in action is priceless.

Pa Pa

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